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Juni 2019 – Workshop beim 16. Symposium der International Brecht Society in Leipzig mit Arne Vogelgesang

Juni/Herbst 2019 – Performancetheater Gog/Magog 3: Israel Gastspiele in Berlin und München mit internil

Mai 2019 – Performancetheater Staatenlos Wiederaufnahme, Theaterdiscounter Berlin mit internil

laufend – Script Dokumentarfilm The Earth Masters mit  [N]SMITH Filmproduktion, inselfilm Berlin

laufend – Performance Emotions from an Algorithmic Point of View with Coralie Vogelaar and Marjolein Vogels

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Works by Coralie Vogelaar

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5.12.2018NUR MEHR BESIEGTE – Universität Leipzig, Theaterwissenschaft – [Performance Lecture] – Text über internil von Dr. des. Jeanne Bindernagel

1.12.2018Emotions from an Algorithmic Point of View – transmediale / Import Projects [Performance]

22./23.11.2018 – Avataring at Next Level NRW-Forum – [Performance]

1.11.2018 – Gastspiel GOG/MAGOG 3: ISRAELJüdische Woche Dresden [Theater/Performance]

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14.-18.11.2018INTERFACE by Coralie VogelaarMonitoring at Kasseler Kunstverein  (artist – Coralie Vogelaar / choreographer – Marjolein Vogels / performer – Marina Miller Dessau)

Oct 5th 2018, 7pm here in Rotterdam

Oct 6th 2018, opening here in Amsterdam





Emotion Recognition from an algorithmic point of view is a collaboration between visual artist Coralie Vogelaar choreographer Marjolein Vogels and actress Marina Miller Dessau.

Together they explored and trained deconstructed facial expressions according to the Facial Action Coding System, developed by prof. Paul Ekman in 1978. This system forms the basis of contemporary emotion recognition software and shows us a computer way of looking at our emotions.

By combining these collaborative performative experiments with algorithmic compositions and image blending as a method, these studies have resulted in – amongst other – two video installations and a live performance exploring the complexities and unknown expressions of the face.

Sound design: De Auditieve Dienst, Arnoud Traa

This exhibition is generously supported by the Stimuleringsfonds voor Creative Industrie,
by European Media Artist in Residence Exchange (EMARE) at Werkleitz and the ministry of culture Saxony-Anhalt.

The emotion software is FaceReader, with the help of the Usability Lab, Communication and Multimedia Design, Amsterdam University of Applied Science [text from puntwg.nl]

picture_Coralie Vogelaar

coming up _ fall 2018: GOG3 + GOG4

next show GOG/MAGOG 4: EUROPA [Engl] Sept 29th 2018 in Switzerland, Chur 8.15 pm / 20.15 Uhr DAS CAMP DER ZUKUNFT _ BRECHT! / BB18 / Happening [program details]

„Um ein Wellenpaket zu stoppen, muss eine Strömung die Hälfte der Geschwindigkeit des Wellenpakets haben oder ein Viertel der Geschwindigkeit einer Einzelwelle.“ [Burkard Baschek, Küstenforscher]

Foto _ Nils Bröer

Feb 2018, Philadelphia

...recording at Kawari Sound with an outstanding crew for Brandon Miller's new record. coming out this year, 2018. me, doing some backup singing..even threw in some opera this time (judge not : /)

very grateful to have witnessed the recording sessions. left me in awe: Karl, Zach, Flicker, Samy, Arielle, Nate, and, of course, Brandon and Marcus.





Dec 2017, Berlin

Gog/Magog: Israel im Theaterdiscounter Berlin gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes (im Fonds Doppelpass)

"Desinformationskampagne" nennen internil ihr Genre und hauen dem Publikum die Narrative der Konflikt-Parteien um die Ohren, dass ihm Hören und Sehen vergeht – auf dass es anfange zu denken." (Sophie Diesselhorst nachrkritik.de) nachtkritik

taz-Ankündigung (07.12.2017, Esther Slevogt)


© Bilder_Nils Bröer


bald bald bald bald… :

beim Impulse Theater Festival 2017

AGGROPROLYPSE am 30.6./1.7.2017

Der digitale Raum bietet auch eine Bühne für Propaganda, Politporno und Prophezeiungen ohne Grenzen. Auf YouTube-Kanälen und Facebook Live werden Monologe zu Selfies des ewigen Erwachens. An Internet-Predigten entlang re-enactet das Berliner Theaterlabel internil postpolitische Glaubensbekenntnisse.

Performance Marina Miller Dessau
Clickbait Arne Vogelgesang
Ton Christopher Böhm
Video Lenny Triefenschal
Produktionsleitung Marian Holzstedt

HBO Prag

Great News – In March in Prague THE EARTH MASTERS (Original idea by Alba Sotorra Clua, Script by Marina Dessau, Produced by Nadja Smith) won the HBO EUROPE development award!! After amazing one-to-one-meetings with over 30 decision makers at the East Doc Platform project market, the award was a nice surprise and we are very happy to share the news with you… Thank you Veronika and Miriam from Institute of Documentary Film for inviting us! Thank you Sabine and Heidi from ESoDoc – European Social Documentary for your great support! And THANK YOU Hanka Kastelicová from HBO EUROPE for feeling the urge to bring this important topic out into the open!