Joe Smith’s Melodic Workshop

Joe Smith’s Melodic Workshop

“Melody should be left alone as much as possible to move freely to its destination, unrestricted by impure influences. With this group I’m also searching for a sense of rhythm that’s free from even structures (4/4 with 4 or 8 bar phrases.) The rhythm flows over a large pulse but with the freedom to digress naturally into “odd” phrases. The idea is to have so many percussive voices speaking all at once that the “1” is lost and yet everything is moving together. A Jungle of Rhythm covered by misty clouds of bass and above, melodic stars that float divinely through the sonic Aether.

Melodic Workshop 3.0 (Berlin 2015)

Ganna Gryniva – Voice
Liz Kosak – piano, synth
Dan Peter Sundland – Electric Bass
Joe Smith – Drums Composition

Melodic Workshop 2.0 (Barcelona 2011)

Miguel “Pintxo” Villar – Tenor Sax
Albert Cirera – Tenor Sax
Jaume Llombart – Guitar
David Mengual – Electric Bass
Santi Sarratosa – Drums
Joe Smith – Drums and Compositions

Original Members (2003 – 2004)

Bill McHenry – Tenor Sax
Gorka Benitez – Tenor Sax and Flute
Guillermo Klein – Piano
Nic Thys – Electric Bass(2003)
Chris Lightcap – Electric Bass (2004)
Jorge Rossy – Drums and Rhodes
Joe Smith – Drums and compositions

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