Initium Ensemble

Initium Ensemble (1995 – 2000)

This was the first group I put together in order to perform my newly written compositions. There are two un-realsed recordings from 95 and 96 that I hope to remaster and let people listen to soon. Anyone have any DAT and A-DAT Machines lying around still?

Collective Members

Bill McHenry – Tenor Sax
Andrew D’Angelo – Bass Clarinet and Alto Sax
Mariano Gil – Flute
John McNeil – Trumpet
Takuya Nakamura – Trumpet
Lolly Bienenfeld – Trombone
Christophe Schweizer – Trombone
John Stetch – Piano
Zeke Zima – Guitar
Chris Higgins – Bass
Reid Anderson – Bass
Mohammed Ali – Percussion