Founded in 2006, the trumpet and electronic due has emerged as an ambitious melding of organic and electronic sound. Experimenting with various improvisation techniques, the duo produced their first self-titled album in spring 2007. The sound paints a vivid audial soundscape.


Damir Bacikin is a trumpet/piano musician and composer/arranger. While studying trumpet at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, he began his professional career in the opera orchestra at the Serbian Theater House. At the same time, he started playing at Wojvodina Philharmonic Orchestra, Big Band Radio Novi Sad and Ensemble for New Musik “Silard Mesei.” After graduating at the top of his class and having performed in dozens of concerts, studio recordings and tours, Bacikin was motivated to move to Berlin where he could work on his own music and cooperate with new music ensembles. He was accepted to Hochschule fuer Musik “Hanns Eisler”  Berlin, where he completed his diploma with Prof . William Forman, and where he performed solo with Bläserorchester HfM. In Berlin, Bacikin regularly peforms with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Berliner Kammeroper, Ensemble for New Musik “United Berlin,” “Seitenblicke.” In addition, Bacikin has performed classical orchestral music with the Konzerthaus Orchester, Stadttheater Brandenburg, Stadt Orchester Frankfurt/Oder and has performed in theatrical works at Volksbuehne (for the Massname/Mauser production) and Berliner Ensemble (for the Biedermann und die Brandstifter production). Recently, he joined the Arzet Quintet Berlin, which is focused on modern music.

Nikola Jeremic was born 1980 in Serbia. At the age of eight, he started his first accordion and music theory lessons. From 1998 Jeremic was studying composition, music theory and electro-acoustic music at “Belgrad University of Arts” and later on at “Mozarteum” university in Salzburg/Austria and “Univesität der Künst Berlin”. In 2000 Jeremic developed an interest in computer programming and digital audio and video, and since then Jeremic is working on experimental videos ,programming and designing music and visual instruments/programs. Since 2003 Nikola Jeremic is working as free audio/visual artist, musician, sound designer, and as part of different music projects like “E-plex”, “Sarsaparilla”. He was working with many artist and musicians on the stage and in the studio. His works include electro-acoustic music, videos, stage music, theater and contemporary dance music,film music and sound design. Apart from his own project, Jeremic was working with”Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg”, and he is working in cooperation with Echoplex-Sounddesign studios based in Berlin,